42nd Election Results: Aw Crap, Back Into the Rant Zone We Go

Here at Hall of Songs, we take seriously the task of discussing and nominating tunes for our prestigious pantheon. When we place songs on the ballot, we truly believe that they belong (OK, there have been exceptions). So in this episode, recapping our 42nd election, we talk at length about a few trends we’ve seen, and if they really live up to the sanctity of our hall of fame for songs. Yup, it’s Rant Zone time!

OK, we also induct songs. We do! It’s really not that serious, but this episode will take you behind the curtain a bit more. 

Songs from 1990 to ’96 are up for induction here, so listen to find out what got in, what didn’t get in, and what grinded our gears.

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Full results coming soon!

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