What is Hall of Songs?

Hall of Songs. Dropping every other Sunday night.

Critics, experts, and music fans have spent decades debating just what are the greatest songs in rock ‘n’ roll history. The lists typically tout tunes written and released between 1964 and ’77, and they’re so widespread that the opinions behind them have become gospel. At some point, someone has to ask just what makes these songs so great, and someone has to suggest that maybe other songs should enter the pantheon, too.

So, here we are. Chris and Tim host Hall of Songs, a podcast that will go year by year, starting in 1951, arguing the merits of the most popular, impactful, and influential tracks of rock ‘n’ roll. After unveiling a batch of nominees in each episode, we turn it over to the listeners, who will vote for the songs they feel belong in the Hall of Songs.

How it Works

  • Each new episode of Hall of Songs, focusing on a single year, will be released every other Sunday night.
  • Listen to the podcast, then visit hallofsongs.com to vote on the frontpage poll for you choices for the Hall of Songs.
  • You can vote for as many as 10 songs and you must vote for at least one.
  • Two Fridays after the episode drops, we’ll release a results show. At that point, we’ll reveal final voting for that year and induct the newest Hall of Songs members.
  • The following Sunday night, the next main episode is released.

Hall of Songs Eligibility

  • Songs are nominated for the Hall of Songs by the hosts, Chris and Tim.
  • If a song achieves 66.67% support from voters, it’s inducted into the Hall of Songs.
  • If a song fails to achieve 35% support from voters, it’s removed from the ballot.
  • A song can remain on the ballot for up to 10 rounds of voting (10 years). After its 10th time on the ballot, if the song fails to achieve 66.67% support from voters in any one round, it’s removed from the ballot.