1995! Britpop, Rap Becomes Pop, and New Voices Emerge

In 1995, the world starts zooming onto the Information Superhighway. And while we’re figuring out our screen names and hoping the phone doesn’t ring, we’re hearing some mammoth tunes from the likes of Mariah Carey, Coolio and Oasis. We’re also seeing some new names on the charts, on MTV, and in our record stores. 

These are our top-12 songs from the year that was.

After listening to Tim and Chris, VOTE for the greatest songs of all time! Songs from 1995, plus tunes from 1994, ’93, ’92, ’91, ’90, and ’89 are up for a shot to make the Hall of Songs! VOTE BELOW and come back on January 20, 2022, to find out which song or songs get in!

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