1983! Fire Up Your Roland TB-303 For the Year’s Top-12 Songs

This is a long one, but it’s only because we simply love this music. Our picks for the top-12 songs of 1983 include legendary new wave tracks, massive pop ballads, the early stages of Heartland Rock and two records that will come to define 1980s dance.

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Our 1983 nominees (spoilers below; highlight to reveal):

  • “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” as performed by Eurythmics
    • Written by Annie Lennox and David Stewart; recorded summer 1982; released January 1983
  • “Sunday Bloody Sunday” as performed by U2
    • Written by U2; recorded fall 1982; released February 1983
  • “True” as performed by Spandau Ballet
    • Written by Gary Kemp; recorded fall 1982; released March 1983
  • “Blue Monday” as performed by New Order
    • Written by Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner; recorded late 1982; released March 1983
  • “Between the Sheets” as performed by The Isley Brothers
    • Written by Rudolph Isley, O’Kelly Isley Jr., Ronald Isley, Ernest Isley, Marvin Isley and Chris Jasper; recorded February 1983; released March 1983
  • “Blister in the Sun” as performed by Violent Femmes
    • Written by Gordon Gano; recorded July 1982; released April 1983
  • “Every Breath You Take” as performed by The Police
    • Written by Sting; recorded early 1983; released May 1983
  • “Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place)” as performed by Talking Heads
    • Written by David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison and Tina Weymouth; recorded late 1982; released June 1983
  • “Let the Music Play” as performed by Shannon
    • Written by Chris Barbosa and Ed Chisolm; recorded summer 1983; released September 1983
  • “Time After Time” as performed by Cyndi Lauper
    • Written by Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman; recorded June 1983; released October 1983
  • “Pink Houses” as performed by John Cougar Mellencamp
    • Written by John Mellencamp; recorded July 1983; released October 1983
  • “Jump” as performed by Van Halen
    • Written by Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth; recorded summer 1983; released December 1983

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