1977! The Year of Music Excess

Big productions, big statements, big hooks, and lots of style: 1977 is a year not be messed with.

Listen to the latest episode of Hall of Songs, in which Tim and Chris unveil their top-12 songs from 1977. We’ll talk more disco, more heavy guitar, more soft rock, experimental pop and rock and … well, just you wait.

After listening to Tim and Chris, VOTE for the greatest songs of all time! Songs from 1977, plus tunes from 1976, ’75, ’73, ’72, ’71 and ’69 are up for a shot to make the Hall of Songs! Vote now and come back on March 11 to find out which song or songs get in!

Our 1977 nominees (spoilers below; highlight to reveal):

  • “Margaritaville” as performed by Jimmy Buffett
    • Written by Jimmy Buffett; recorded November 1976; released January 1977
  • “Dreams” as performed by Fleetwood Mac
    • Written by Stevie Nicks; recorded summer 1976; released February 1977
  • “Marquee Moon” as performed by Television
    • Written by Tom Verlaine; recorded September 1976; released April 1977
  • “I Feel Love” as performed by Donna Summer
    • Written by Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte; recorded late 1976; released May 1977
  • “Barracuda” as performed by Heart
    • Written by Ann Wilson, Roger Fisher, Nancy Wilson and Michael Derosier; recorded spring 1977; released May 1977
  • “Best of My Love” as performed by The Emotions
    • Written by Maurice White and Al McKay; recorded late 1976; released June 1977
  • “‘Heroes'” as performed by David Bowie
    • Written by David Bowie and Brian Eno; recorded summer 1977; released September 1977
  • “Deacon Blues” as performed by Steely Dan
    • Written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen; recorded early 1977; released September 1977
  • “Mr. Blue Sky” as performed by Electric Light Orchestra
    • Written by Jeff Lynne; recorded summer 1977; released October 1977
  • “Stayin’ Alive” as performed by Bee Gees
    • Written by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb; recorded summer 1977; released December 1977
  • “Flash Light” as performed by Parliament
    • Written by George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell; recorded 1977; released November 1977
  • “Lovely Day” as performed by Bill Withers
    • Written by Paul Cook, Steve Jones, John Lydon and Glen Matlock; recorded 1977; released Decemebr 1977

Listen to the full episode for more, and then vote for the songs that you think are the greatest of all-time. Scroll down to vote. Then, come back on March 11, 2022 to find out the voting results, and March 13, 2022 for our discussion on 1978.

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