18th Election Results! No Spoilers! But the End is Near For a Few Big Names …

After our 1972 episode, we asked you to vote for the songs that you thought were worthy of the Hall of Songs. After that election … we have results.┬áBut we’re not giving anything away. Not this time! (You’ll have to listen to find out more.)

That said, we will say that a few songs that we expected better of are either off the ballot or very close to their end. Which songs? Again, you’ll have to listen.

Okay. Don’t scroll if you want to be spoiled.

Alright. Let’s congratulate the following song on making the Hall of Songs …

Let’s Stay Together / Al Green – 66.67%

Continuing to the next round of voting

Superstition / Stevie Wonder – 56.67% (1st round)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want / The Rolling Stones – 53.33% (2nd round)
Won’t Get Fooled Again / The Who – 53.33% (2nd round)
Rocket Man / Elton John – 53.33% (1st round)
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman / Aretha Franklin – 50% (6th round)
Ain’t No Sunshine / Bill Withers – 50% (2nd round)
Layla / Derek and the Dominos – 46.67% (3rd round)
Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone / The Temptations – 46.67% (1st round)
You’re So Vain / Carly Simon – 46.67% (1st round)
All Along the Watchtower / The Jimi Hendrix Experience – 43.33% (5th round)
Walk on the Wild Side / Lou Reed – 43.33% (1st round)
Bridge Over Troubled Water / Simon and Garfunkel – 40% (2nd round)
Here Comes the Sun / The Beatles – 36.67% (4th round)
Lean on Me / Bill Withers – 36.67% (1st round)

Eliminated from the ballot

Baba O’Riley / The Who – 33.33% (2nd round)
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes / Crosby, Stills & Nash – 30% (4th round)
You Are the Sunshine of My Life / Stevie Wonder – 30% (1st round)
Thirteen / Big Star – 26.67% (1st round)
I Can See Clearly Now / Johnny Nash – 23.33% (1st round)
Suspicious Minds / Elvis Presley – 16.67% (4th round)
The Harder They Come / Jimmy Cliff – 16.67% (1st round)
Go All the Way / Raspberries – 13.33% (1st round)
Back Stabbers / The O’Jays – 10% (1st round)

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