Bonus: Introducing Kevin Goldstein, the Hall of Songs Palate Cleanser 

In this bonus episode, we welcome in Kevin Goldstein, baseball writer ( and podcaster (Chin Music, (Twitter: @Kevin_Goldstein)

Goldstein talks at length about the music that he loves. Then, we chat about songs that he would entertain for the Hall of Songs, along with the tunes he’d strike off the list completely. Consider Kevin our palate cleanser, coming in to lay down some home truths concerning our nomination process.

It’s a fun conversation that you’ll not want to miss.

After listening, VOTE for the greatest songs of all time! Songs from 1968, plus tunes from 1967, ’66, and ’65 are up for a shot to make the Hall of Songs! Vote now and come back on October 15 to find out which song or songs get in!

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